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Hopefully Dulwich Festival will be running May 2021 where I will be guiding walks hearing about how this project came about and seeing works by artists : Stik, Remi Rough, System, Conor Harrison, Mad C, Christiaan Nagel, Beerens, DScreet, Ghost Patrol, Mear One, Thierry Noir, Ben Wilson. (sometimes includes a visit inside Dulwich Picture Gallery to see highlights – especially paintings the street artworks are inspired by)

In the meantime, COVID rules allowing, contact me directly for small bespoke groups info@dulwichoutdoorgallery.co.uk

Mad C ‘s Van Huysum flowers now in East Dulwich August 2020, formerly in Belair Park read about it here https://arounddulwich.co.uk/street-art-walk-dulwich/

Remi Rough "Gift" to East Dulwich in memory of Ingrid, continuing her Legacy
Remi Rough’s “Gift to the community, continuing Ingrid’s legacy in East Dulwich” Bassano St July 2020
project co-ordinated with Amanda, read about it here https://arounddulwich.co.uk/dulwich-street-art-walk/
Mad C "lady Venetia Digby on her deathbed"
Mad C based on “Lady Venetia Digby on her Deathbed” by Anthony Van Dyke. see a One – to – One chat with a local resident May 2020 https://www.facebook.com/DulwichOutdoorGallery/videos/278147460258795

One to One chat with 7 year old in Dulwich Park by Stik’s “Three Boys” (after Murillo) May 2020

Family / household bespoke tour

contact me for family and bespoke group tours.
Dulwich walk starts by “Girl at a Window” (Remi Rough/System) opposite East Dulwich Station

or see google map locations and seek them out on your daily walk

Also another route: Peckham 2hr walk Nunhead Green to Peckham Rye Lane featuring artists: Pure Evil, Inkie, Agent Provocateur, Faith 47, Mehdi Ghadyanloo, Walter Kershaw, Roa, Thierry Noir, Phlegm. Ends Peckham Rye Station

Peckham/Nunhead walk includes Faith 47 (“Europa”)
Guided walks with Amanda start at Vale End Se22 opposite East Dulwich Train Station
“Girl at a Window” by Remi Rough and System, after Rembrandt

Location map