Artists A-Z

AGENTS OF CHANGE: SYSTEM – (girl) Girl at a Window (Rembrandt)
REMI ROUGH – (background) The Triumph of David (Poussin) Vale End SE22 8ET

AGENT PROVOCATEUR : St Catherine of Siena (Carlo Dolci) Old Nuns Head. SE15 3QQ

BEN WILSON : St Catherine of Siena (Carlo Dolci) by entrance of Dulwich Picture Gallery

BEERENS : (one of) Three Boys (Murillo), plus two houses opposite , Court Lane SE21 7EE

PABLO DELGADO : Triumph of David and The Nurture of Jupiter (Nicolas Poussin)
Heber Road/ Lorship Lane SE22 – wall now demolished

DSCREET (and Ghostpatrol) : Blackwater Street SE22

FAITH 47 : Europa and the Bull (Guido Reni) Consort Road / Monteagle Way SE15 3RY

INKIE : St Catherine of Siena (Carlo Dolci) Old Nuns head Pub SE15 3QQ

JIMMY C : The Resurrection (Sebastian Ricci) Waverley Arms, Nunhead SE15 3BU

MAD C : Lady Venetia Digby (Anthony Van Dyck) The Plough pub carpark. SE22 8JJ

MEAR ONE :The Virgin & the Rosary (Murillo) Lordship pub. Lordship Lane SE22 8HA

MEHDI GHADYANLOO : A Castle and its Proprietors (Teniers) Kinsale Road SE15 4HJ

CHRISTIAAN NAGEL : Mushroom, on top of the East Dulwich Tavern SE22 8EW

PHLEGM : (trumpeter) Triumph of David (Nicolas Poussin) Goodrich Road SE22 0JW

PURE EVIL, INKIE, AGENT PROVOCATEUR. The Old Nuns Head pub, Nunhead Green SE15

PURE EVIL : St Catherine of Siena (Caro Dolci) Old Nun’s Head pub SE15 3QQ

REKA : Europa and the bull (Guido Reni) The Paxton Pub SE27 9QQ

REMI ROUGH : Fall of the Rebel Angels (Ricci) SE21 ( Audi Garage, demolished)

ROA : Landscape with Sportsmen with Game (Adam Pynacker) Victoria Inn SE15 4AR

RUN : Saint Rita of Cascia (Nicolas Poussin). Forest Hill (now painted over) SE23 3XZ

DAVID SHILLINGLAW : Samson & Delilah (Anthony van Dyck) The Florence SE24 0NG

STIK : Guardian Angel (Marcantonio Franceschini) Blackwater Court SE22 8RS.

Bowling green hut, Dulwich Park
THIERRY NOIR : Joseph receiving the Pharoah’s ring (Tiepolo) Dulwich Park SE21

WALTER KERSHAW : Landscape with Windmills (Ruisdael/ Constable) SE15 4QY